The New Beginning

Hello folks,

Well, while this isn’t the first blog post that I’ve ever written, this post should mark a whole new beginning for me- in a sense, it is. I used to blog rather regularly until the sudden loss of my blogging mojo culminated into a long hiatus; my previous blog is now officially dead with this new blog taking its place.

Why a new blog?

Well, I think my previous blog, started when I was in my teens, doesn’t really reflect who I am at this point- while I still find enjoyment in ranting (well, this blog’s url I believe is self-explanatory), I find myself to have evolved and grown as a person. Some of the more immature posts that were the feature of my previous blog don’t really bode well with the aim I have set for this blog to achieve- I want this blog to be not only a vanity project (read: personal diary or journal), but to serve a greater purpose. No more immature posts, I hope.

I hope this is a good start. I’m not as optimistic as Qin Shi Huang, who predicted that his fledgling empire would endure for “ten thousand generations“, but I do hope that this blog (I won’t say ’empire’) will stay relevant for you and me for a long time.

Faizal Hamssin

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