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Turkey at Crossroads: The Story of Istanbul

I had a short visit to Istanbul last month. Having already been to the city four times, I skipped Istanbul’s major tourist attractions (which are magnificent by the way, but let’s talk about them in a future post). Instead, I went to some neighbourhoods in the European part of Istanbul that I’m most familiar with Read more about Turkey at Crossroads: The Story of Istanbul[…]

Photo Story: London, May 2017.

I was in London for a 3-day visit last month. It was a pretty much a standard jaunt, filled with lunches and catch-ups with friends, pleasant strolls along the city’s thriving streets (the weather surprisingly happened to be gorgeous for the large part of the visit), gallery visits, and the obligatory nights-out in Soho. Museums Read more about Photo Story: London, May 2017.[…]

Jakarta within a day – a peek into the soul of the city

Jakarta, with its population of 20 million, is a huge, sprawling metropolis. While culturally rich, the city is also infamous for its perceived concrete jungle character and the unfortunate distinction of having the world’s worst traffic . Travellers visiting Indonesia often skip the capital for Bali, Bandung and Yogyakarta – which is unfortunate. While I agree that macet in Jakarta Read more about Jakarta within a day – a peek into the soul of the city[…]

Cairo’s Garden City – a tale of decay and perseverance

Cairo, throughout the first half of the 20th century, was one of the world’s capitals of culture – the indisputable primary city in the Arab world, with strong and growing European influences adding a unique character to the Egyptian capital. Wealthy travellers from across the world flocked to the city, not only for the Pyramids in Giza and Read more about Cairo’s Garden City – a tale of decay and perseverance[…]

Of having something but not everything

We all want the best of everything. Me too. Sometimes I feel that I want to have everything in my life sorted and in order. Just the way I like it. I want to have a fulfilling job that pays well, while maintaining a healthy amount of friendship with people who appreciate me as much as Read more about Of having something but not everything[…]

Scholarships – First of all, what do you want to do?

Since we’re currently in the season of scholarship application, let’s talk about scholarships – especially since some SPM leavers must have already received call-backs from their prospective sponsors by now. The views that I will share on this article are rooted from my observation as a former scholarship recipient – I graduated 5 years ago though, Read more about Scholarships – First of all, what do you want to do?[…]