An Ode to The Good 9 Years

With the stroke of a pen, I officially ended a chapter in my life today.


I signed my voluntary separation package with PETRONAS into effect today. The terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement are private & confidential, so I won’t tread further upon this matter, but I am receiving a generous amount of severance payment that can sustain me for quite some time as I figure out the next step to take in my life.

My last day in the company will be on April 30th; by which point I will have served the organisation for 3 years 10 months. My attachment with PETRONAS goes a long way back before I started working with the company, though. I received their education sponsorship (more like a convertible loan, actually) when I was 17, straight after taking my SPM examination, a few months before the result for the said exam was even released (I applied using my trial result). From that point onwards, I always had, at the back of my head, the thought that someday along the line I would serve the company- what other options were there for me anyway, since I was bonded to their scholarship contract. While the certainty was somewhat comforting, it also shut me out of other opportunities elsewhere.

While there were times when I felt that having a company decide on my life’s trajectory (Which subject to take for IB? Which university should I enroll to? Which job within the organisation should I take?) from such an early age was stifling, my sense of gratitude for the opportunities that PETRONAS provided me with remains. Being born into a middle class family (we’ve always been fairly comfortable, but no, we’re not wealthy), an overseas education would have surely put a large dent into my parents’ finances; PETRONAS’  sponsorship allowed me to bypass this hurdle & enabled me to focus on realising my academic potential in Melbourne.

Quitting the company effectively puts an end to my 9-year ties with PETRONAS, and I am leaving with no bitterness indeed. I feel thankful that they have done a lot to ensure my academic & career growth, and it’s high time for me to start exploring for other opportunities out there. I am a believer in the very concept of rezeki, there must be something out there for me, I just need to have the drive & savvy to find & retrieve it. As for now, I have started sending out some CVs to several companies, most of them to apply for jobs that I feel will better reflect my passion. I’m looking into some opportunities in the advisory/consultancy field too. I’ve also been busy preparing some important documents to support my master application; I have always thought of furthering my studies anyway, and this is probably a good time for me to do that.

I’m also starting to be active on LinkedIn too.

My priority right now is to work on something that will give me personal satisfaction; I understand that no job is perfect, but it feels more rewarding staying late in the office & going through all the troubles & stress when you know that you are doing something that you really love & can closely relate with.


I look forward to the future with my mind positive and my soul filled with gratitude. I know eventually, somewhere along the line, I’ll find something that grooves better with my soul. Wish me luck on this.

It’s also time for me to start planning for my backpacking adventure; I’ll have plenty of time at hand to do that now!


Speak soon,

Faizal Hamssin

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  1. All the best in your future; career and studies. I hope someday you will post a blog entry about the life of being a Masters student.

    Your English is very good. I, at first didn’t have the guts to leave a comment due to my poor English. Hehe. But to hell with that. I’m anonymous 😛

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