Hello, World

Hello, World.

It’s been close to four years since I last posted anything on this website. So much has happened over the past four years; the 20s is recognised by many as the period of growth, the formative years during which we learn better about ourselves, our life aspirations, our inherent nature and inclinations, and our passions, among other things. It’s a transformative period to some, but to me, I believe that the 20s is the period of self-discovery. I haven’t changed, I simply know myself better everyday, and my changing outlook on life may reflect this. I am myself, and myself values transiency.

Just me, exploring the scorching Sinai desert, Sept 2015.
Just me, exploring the scorching Sinai desert, Sept 2015.

Over the past four years I have been working for the same organisation, doing something that I neither dread nor passionately love, but this is coming to an end end of this month as I have decided to take that leap of faith to step out of my current industry to explore something that I hope will groove better with my soul (I’ll talk more about this in a future post). I have met some amazing people who have become part of my support system (as much as I have become theirs), fallen in and out of love, travelled to many places across four different continents, tasted food I never tasted prior (reindeer sauce, anyone?), read books on topics I would rather shun or not think about back in 2012, recalibrated my expectations on issues from politics to romance, and more. I also decided to utilise social media, namely Twitter, as a means of expressing myself via @faizalhamssin.

I have also grown to accept who I am, fully. In that regard, I am at peace. After all, acceptance is within.

Speak soon.

Faizal Hamssin

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