Of darkness and light

Nights make us miss days.
Days make us miss nights.
The glaring sun makes us miss the calming full moon.
The soft hue of moonlight makes us miss the joyful frenzy of a sunny day.
Persian rugs, with its explosion of vivid colours make us miss the monochromatic Swedish mat.
The grey IKEA chair makes us miss the ornate Turkish divan from grandma’s home.

What is life but a series of darkness alternating with vivid, bright spectrums of light?
And darkness is not always bad, nor is light.




For your soul, so it may heal

For your mind, so it may find peace

For your smile, so it may carve carefree

For your head, so it won’t throb

For your body, so it may feel warm again

For your spine, so it may tingle once more.



For forgiveness sets you free

So you see solitude as beauty

Silence as symphony

Night as the prelude of a new dawn

When the sun shines again

As yesterday floats away

You may love again.