Never Mind I’ll Find, Someone Like EU

With the invoking of Article 50, Brexit is indeed happening.

It’s unbelievable that we’re witnessing the unravelling of that very instrument that kept Europe in uninterrupted peace over the past 60 years.

Now that Britain is out of the EU, Europe will never be the same again. The world’s order will also change; and Europe’s decline as a global power, already apparent over the last half century, will certainly be even more profound.

Let’s hope that Merkel’s Germany gets to pick up the pieces and consolidate the EU as a strong bloc, even without the UK. The EU’s poor handling of the current refugee crisis, coupled with the seemingly endless economic slump affecting its periphery, is definitely making the idea of a unified Europe increasingly unpopular in places like Hungary and France.

The rise of Eurosceptic parties in Europe. Source: Business Insider

But let’s hope that today’s shortcomings won’t cloud the fact that today’s world will greatly benefit from a strong, progressive and unified Europe.

I was in London last year during Brexit, and London Pride happened just the day after. This is what I saw:

Massive outpouring of grief. Londoners and the millennials voted overwhelmingly for Remain, but well, shit happens.


Positive side: Cheaper Pound = More burgers and lobsters for us.

GBP vs USD. It ain’t looking pretty for the UK. Source:

Can’t wait for May.


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