Of Being Happy and Being Content

There are times when I feel like my life isn’t going the way it should be, when the cloud of inexplicable melancholy hangs over my head; casting the palpable sense of doubt over the direction my life is heading – am I heading toward the right direction in life, or have I steered too far from the path of happiness?

It may be triggered by the little things like the food at my favourite restaurant not tasting as delicious as it used to be, to the more serious stuff like friend suddenly thinking that it’s to their best interest not to be as close to me as they used to be.

But eating in my favourite restaurant should, by right, make me happy. Having a friend, for better or for worse, should make me happy too.

When something that should’ve been a source of my happiness becomes an impediment to which, it’s natural to ask myself, and do some self-reflection – Why are these things bothering me? Why am I unhappy because of these things that should’ve made me happy?


Perhaps there’s no rule for happiness. One can’t plan to be happy – no matter how much one does to make himself happy. Happiness isn’t an achievement. There’s not even a specific definition that dictates what happiness feels, or what it looks like.

Probably it’s time to tell myself that happiness shouldn’t be an end-goal. It shouldn’t be the only thing that matters. I shouldn’t do something only because I think it makes me happy. It doesn’t work that way.

Instead, I think I’ll try to do something that makes me feel content, and at ease. Who knows, from content, one becomes happy eventually. Effortless happy.


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  1. I read somewhere that passion is not the be all end all. It’s purpose.

    And like tangled roots of a banyan tree, purpose and happiness will always be intertwined with passion and pain.

      1. Thanks! By the way you should have a subscriber option. I can get notifications if you post something new. Cheers

        PS Keep up the writing. Longform might be dead but some of us still appreciate “melebihi 150 patah perkataan.” 😉

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